As part of an ever-expanding suite of services, Connect Mobile is proud to present Genius Bots. Genius Bots is a nimble one stop chat shop for any business as it can plug into one or more channels, whether you want to chat to your customer on WhatsApp, Telegram or merely via the web – it is easy with Genius Bots.

Like any other instant messaging application, it allows for the sharing of photos, videos, files, locations, contacts and more. These bots come without the restrictions of other messaging apps and are quick, flexible, and cost effective. Additionally, you can opt to have your traditional bulk SMS messages automatically routed over an available bot channel. Whether you are a major financial corporation that wishes to perform 2FA using our bot technology or a school wishing to correspond with parents or students, use Genius Bots!


Omni Channel

Genius Bots allows you to talk to your customers across a variety of channels. With support for WhatsApp, Telegram and Webchat*, your customers can talk to your bot wherever they feel most comfortable.

Don’t see your channel? Contact us to enquire about adding bespoke support for your bots.

*Browser based chat interface.

Subscriber Management

Invite and track the status of your bot subscribers using our convenient web interface. You can message individual customers or send out broadcasts to all subscribers of your bot.

Genius Bots supports both public and private bots. Allow customers to find your bots anywhere using public web links or set it to private to maintain “members only” chats.


The Genius Bots HTTP API allows you to directly integrate your CRM or bespoke software solution with the platform, giving you full programmatic control of your bots, subscribers, and messages.

All you need is an API key and an account to start integrating. Consult our API docs to learn more!


Available on the following channels, with more coming soon!





Loyalty programs

Your loyalty member can now interact with your bot at any time to request statements, points updates, specials or redeem points.

Send reminders to clients to advertise double point days, new partners, the latest redemption rules and more.

Financial services

Transaction alerts, statements, payment reminders, OTPs and offers can be made using Genius Bots.

Existing USSD services are seamlessly ported onto your bot without the need to change any underlying technology or business rules.

Hospitality industry

Daily specials and promotions can be sent with images or video to your customers at a reduced rate to normal SMS. Customers can interact with your bot and place orders, view menus, book tables, book rooms, enquire about availability and pricing.

Importantly, the bot can also be used to encourage feedback from a customer. Booking reminders are cheap and easy to send.

Genius Bots is an ever-expanding platform, so you can look forward to more rich and intuitive features in the future. Is there something missing that you would like to see supported by the platform right now? Contact us today to let us know what you need.

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